Founded in 1965 by Ahmet ULAŞTI in Istanbul`s historical shoe market, Gedikpaşa, ULAŞTI Tekstil first started producing materials only for the shoe industry.

In years to come, the company expanded by starting its sister company, ULAŞ Ayakkabi, for the shoe production. ULAŞTI then became one of Turkey’s first integrated shoe company. Today, ULAŞTI Tekstil offers a wide range of services and products for bonding, coating and finishing materials used in many different industries. The company supplies national and international markets with innovative products with custom solutions.
The goal is always to strive for better products and services while growing the customer base. ULASTI Tekstil has been expanding its territory with second generation family members taking the company to exhibit in global fairs.

Corporate Values

For decades, ULAŞTI Tekstil has been connotated with quality, reasonable pricing and reliability. The company combines 50 years of experience with modern machinery to keep this promise to its customers.

Customer satisfaction has always been our primary principal. This principal expands to offering quality products with reasonable pricing, to provide our customers the optimum raw materials for their finished goods. With our know-how, professional skills and strive for quality, we are transforming raw materials for various industries. ULAŞTI Tekstil is a reliable partner in the field of textile bonding but also in fabric wholesale. However, for us, reliability does not end with production but continues to cover reliable delivery we offer to our customers as well. Last but not least, in ULAŞTI Tekstil the innovation never stops. Our team is constantly working to extend our product offerings in order to be a visionary partner for our customers.