Production Capabilities


Today, ULAŞTI Tekstil has a factory on a 3000mt square, with a warehouse space big enough to store quantities of raw materials that are above industry standards. This is why doing business with us is cost efficient; we can offer larger quantities with better pricing. ULAŞTI Tekstil has a flagship store in Istanbul’s historical shoe market, Gedikpaşa. This a location where ULAŞTI Tekstil serves customers for more than three decades. Our company also has a branch in Izmir, the third biggest city of the country. Having a branch in Izmir allows us to serve our customers in the region better by building personal relations.


Flame Lamination
A process used to produce laminates by bonding foam/fabric or foam/film by passing the foam over an open flame. Exposure to the flame creates a thin layer of molten polymer on the foam surface, which is then brought into contact with the secondary layer under pressure to develop a bond between the two surfaces.
Solvent-Based Adhesive Lamination
Liquid polyurethane adhesive is applied directly to a substrate via engraved rollers, which is then bonded under pressure to a second layer.
Thermoplastic Adhesive Lamination
Thermoplastic materials in a wide range of available formats are utilized to create adhesion between similar or dissimilar substrates.
Solvent and Water-Based Coating
Solutions of polymer either dispersed or dissolved within a liquid are applied to a substrate through a variety of techniques.
Molten polymer is fed through a die to create a continuous layer of film.
The creation of an impression of some kind of design, lettering or pattern on a textile surface to make a relief. In regular printing or an engraving, plates are pressed against the surface to leave an imprint. In embossing however, the pressing raises the surfaces adding a new dimension to the object.
Mono Color Rotating Print
A single color printing on cotton-based or synthetic textile with any design / pattern of choice, including a single color logo printing. Used frequently for branded linings for footwear and bags.
A special wash of cotton-based textile to have a faded effect. Used heavily for fashion items as well as in cases such the textile is wanted to be softer.
Foil Stamping
Typically is the application of pigment or metallic foil, which adheres to the surface leaving the design of the die on the textile. For foil stamping heat is used to transfer metallic foil to the surface of the fabric.
Reinforcement Materials Production
ULAŞTI produces reinforcement fabrics for footwear & leather goods, making the material more durable and protective.